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County Appraiser
Dianna Carter RMA  


2015 Valuation Notices

           The McPherson County Appraiser's Office will mail the real estate valuation notices on Wednesday April 1st. The Kansas Property Valuation Division granted an extension for mailing after the statutory date of March 1st. Property owners will have 30 days from the mailing date to appeal by contacting our office.  

Below are the personal property and oil and gas guides.  
           Oil and gas renditions were mailed in January and are due by
April 1, 2015.

Personal Property Renditions are due by
March 15, 2015.

Personal Property and Oil & Gas Guides


           If you purchase or sell a watercraft, you must notify our office
 of this change on or before  Dec. 20th  to receive proration of 
value and taxes.  
K.S.A 79-1701, 79-1702, 79-306e  

The above email can be used to request appraisal information, 
request a hearing, or ask questions of our staff. 
Emails received will be answered as soon as possible or within three business days. 
Emails received after 4:30 may be answered the following day. 

Real Estate Sales Information
The County provides sales information on our website. You can request information
to sign up for a password to access the sales if you qualify under Kansas statutes. 
            Please ask for Fay. 620-241-5870
For commercial real estate questions please contact  
For personal property questions please contact:
Individual and Commercial:  
For Oil and Gas questions please contact: e-mail

The Appraiser’s Office is responsible for the appraisal of all residential and 
commercial real estate, personal property, and oil and gas in the county. This 
office also provides GIS mapping services for the public as well as county, city, 
state and federal offices. 

Disclaimer: The data contained on this site is for informational purposes only. 
If there is a question as to the validity of the data, further research with the 
Appraiser's office is necessary. Information is updated annually at the time of 
certification to the County Clerk. Sales are updated quarterly. Any taxpayer may 
request sales information within their classification if they are considering an 
appeal of their property.
Sales: In order to verify information on sales that occur in the county, buyers, 
sellers, and agents are called by our staff. Questions about the sale will include 
how marketed, conditions of the sale agreement, and condition of property at the time 
of sale. Additional questions will be asked about the property and a field inspection 
will follow by appraisal field staff. We thank you for your cooperation.

McPherson County Appraiser's Office
P.O. Box 530
McPherson, KS 67460

Ph: (620) 241-5870
Fx: (620) 245-0085