McPherson County Commission


District #1
Chairman, Keith Becker
(620) 344-8152


District #2
Tom Kueser
(620) 654-7144



  District #3
David O' Dell
The McPherson Board of County Commissioners meets on Monday each week at 9:00 a.m. in the 1st Floor Conference Room of the County Building at 122 W. Marlin Street. Commission meetings are the only place that the BOCC can exercise power as the governing body. Commission meetings are open to the public with the exception of certain topics discussed behind closed doors in executive session.

The agenda is prepared and mailed to Commissioners on Friday prior to the Monday meeting. Agenda items are set for a specific time for department heads and others to present requests and to allow interested individuals to address the Commissioners on the subject presented. After the agenda is approved, the commissioners allow public input for general comments from the public on items not scheduled on the agenda

The agenda is available on the County’s web site and at the County Courthouse. Approved County Commission minutes for meetings after June 1, 2003 are also available on the County’s web site.

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