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 The following documents are available online to view, save, or print:

Mija's Law - HB 2055 is now Law
Mija's Law

For Businesses

No Concealed Carry Sign and Kansas Administrative Regulation explaining the authorized appearance and placement of the sign.
How to Detect Counterfeit Money. Know Your Money brochure. U.S. Secret Service

For Citizens


Consumer Protection Brochure--"Giving Wisely to Charity".

McPherson County Attorney's Office 

General Information 

 The McPherson County Attorney is an independent administrator of justice. The primary responsibility of the McPherson County Attorney is to seek justice on behalf of the State of Kansas, which can only be achieved by the representation and presentation of the truth. The McPherson County Attorney thoughtfully exercises prosecutorial discretion to ensure that the interests of our community are protected and that tax dollars are not wasted on fruitless pursuits.
 This office maintains a comprehensive Diversion Program which primarily seeks to make victims whole, to hold first time offenders accountable for their actions, and to assist such offenders in identifying the underlying causes of the behavior that brought them into the Criminal Justice System. The Diversion Program has a great track record of preventing recidivism through education, treatment, and assistance. Keeping low-level first time offenders from re-offending by early and thorough intervention is key to an effective strategy to combat crime. As the Chief Law Enforcement Official in McPherson County, the County Attorney exercises authority within the Executive Branch of Government and represents the people of the State of Kansas, specifically the citizens of McPherson County, in the prosecution of adult and juvenile violators of State law, proceedings in the Care and Treatment of incapacitated persons, proceedings protecting Children in Need of Care, enforcement of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, and appearances on behalf of the State of Kansas in the Kansas Appellate Courts regarding criminal appeals.
 In 2015, the McPherson County Attorney's Office filed hundreds of criminal cases and more than 1800 traffic cases in McPherson County District Court. The McPherson County Attorney's Office also provides assistance and services to victims and witnesses.
 Ms. Wyatt is committed to hearing and responding to the concerns of all McPherson County residents. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please call and schedule a meeting with the County Attorney anytime. Ms. Wyatt maintains an open door policy, but is often in court and an appointment is the best way to make sure your voice is heard. 

Applications for diversion are available for: 
 For more information about the Diversion Program please feel free to contact the Diversion Coordinator at 620-241-1027. 



McPherson County Attorney - Jennifer Wyatt

Deputy County Attorney - Amanda Faber



Jill Curran: Office Manager/Administrative Secretary

Dwila Busse: Victim/Witness Coordinator


: Trial Assistant

: Discovery Coordinator

Chrissy Whitfield: File Clerk