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May 25, 2004



NOTE:  Meeting will be held in the 5th Floor Conference Room in the Bank of America Building


   10:00 a.m.     The following items will be discussed as time permits, during the commission meeting:

A.      Approval of Minutes

B.       Checks and Claims Register for Approval

C.       Adds and Abates

D.      Personnel

E.       Discussion on Tax Exemption Resolution

F.       Cafeteria IRS Form 5500 for Signature

G.       Discussion on Inherently Dangerous Animals Policy

H.      Mileage Reimbursement

I.         General Correspondence


   10:00            Public Input Session


   10:10            Fern Hess, Health Department Director

A.         Bad Debt List

B.          Professional Contracts for Signature


   10:30            Dick Beasley, Community Corrections Director

A.         FY05 JJA Core Program Budget

B.          FY05 JABG Teen Court Grant

C.          FY05 Title II Grant

D.          KDOC & JJA Budget Line Item Change for Approval

E.           JJA Agreement on Conditions of Grant

F.           Non-Elected Personnel


   10:50            Jana McKinney, Leanne Kilmer, McPherson County Child Safety Organization – Car

                           Seat Safety Awareness


   11:10           Dan Schrag, Noxious Weeds Director –Request Signature on Annual Management Plan


   11:30           Dave Bohnenblust, Public Works Director

A.         Award Bid for Traffic Paint Striping Project

B.          Award Bid for 3.5 Wheel Loader

C.          Sign KDOT Agreement to Continue State Underwater Bridge Inspection Program



     1:00 p.m.    Commission Work Session