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July 6, 2004



NOTE:  Meeting will be held in the 5th Floor Conference Room in the Bank of America Building


   10:00 a.m.    The following items will be discussed as time permits, during the commission meeting:

A.      Approval of Minutes

B.       Checks and Claims Register for Approval

C.       Adds and Abates (none this week)

D.      Personnel

E.       Request Signatures on Quit Claim Deed for Crestwood Cemetery Spaces

F.       General Correspondence

                      *  G.    Canton Township Resignation and Appointment


   10:00            Public Input Session


   10:10            Fern Hess, Health Department Director

A.         Bad Debt List

B.          Non-Elected Personnel


   10:30            Brenda Becker, County Treasurer – Non-Elected Personnel


   10:50            Dave Bohnenblust, Public Works Director

A.         Sign Resolution Authorizing Speed Zone on CR 444 from US56 to Windom

B.          Request Approval of Proposal for Public Works Engineers to Inspect Federally Funded Bridge West of Marquette



     1:00 p.m.    Sesquicentennial Tree Planting Ceremony


     1:45            Fern Hess, Health Department Director – Work Session