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June 21, 2005



NOTE:  Meeting will be held in the 5th Floor Conference Room in the Bank of America Building


   10:00 a.m.    The following items will be discussed as time permits, during the commission meeting:

A.      Approval of Minutes

B.       Checks and Claims Register for Approval

C.       Adds and Abates – Clerk’s Office

D.      Personnel

E.       Letter of Support for Application for Exceptional Medically Underserved Population Designation – Townships Bordering Harvey County

F.       General Correspondence


   10:00            Public Input Session


   10:10            Barry Stockinger, County Computer Technician – Request to Purchase Forms Print



   10:30            Fern Hess, Health Department Director – Bad Debt List


   10:50            Rick Lanman, Airport Manager – FAA Grant Agreement


   11:10            Dave Bohnenblust, Public Works Director - Non-Elected Personnel


   11:20           Chad Bahr, Planning/Zoning Administrator - Wind Farm Update


   11:30            Dillard Webster, Emergency Management/Communications Director – Non-Elected



                         Budget Hearings

     1:00 p.m.    Jessie Kaye, Prairie View

*   1:30            Robin Becker, Unified Courts

*   2:00            Linda Paul, Register of Deeds

     2:30            Dan Schrag, Noxious Weeds

*   3:00            Susan Meng, County Clerk