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May 27, 2003



  10:00 am The following items will be discussed as time permits, during the commission


A.  Approval of Minutes

B.  Checks and Claims Register for Approval

C.     Adds and Abates

D.     Personnel

E.      General Correspondence


  10:00        Public Input Session


* 10:10       Ty Kaufman – Budget Hearing Move to 2:30 p.m.


  10:20        Dillard Webster – NCRA Annual Donation to LEPC


  10:30        Larry Powell, Sheriff – Water Softener for Jail


  10:50        Fern Hess, Health Department Director – Chronic Disease Risk Reduction (CDRR)

                   Grant Contract


  11:10        Rick Batchellor, County Appraiser – Non-Elected Personnel


  11:30        Leon Hobson, Public Works Director

A.        Award Bid on Paint Striping

B.         Award Bid on Shop Roof

C.         Award Bid on Office Roof


Budget Hearings


   1:00p.m.  Dillard Webster, Emergency Management


   1:30         Larry Powell, Sheriff/Jail


   2:00         Rick Batchellor, Appraiser


2:30        Linda Paul, Register of Deeds Reschedule

                   Ty Kaufman, County Attorney